International Banking

 Bank Cash Card Account

If you’re looking for an account offering no-frills banking and you’re not able to open a regular one, this gives you the basics.

  • Keep tight control of your money
  • Avoid overdraft fees and debts
  • Get a debit card or cash card
  • Professional support
    Your Relationship Manager provides access to all that Swiss International Bank has to offer

Secure, convenient banking –
anytime, anywhere – with the
Debit MasterCard® card

  • Peace of mind
    Shop with confidence knowing your chip card is more difficult to duplicate than traditional magnetic stripe cards, when used at chip-enabled terminals.
  • 24-hour ATM access
    Withdraw funds and make deposits at  ATMs across the country.
  • Shopping convenience
    Use the contactless payment feature, where available, by tapping your card at checkout to complete many smaller purchases.
  • Worldwide acceptance
    Improved experience when making purchases abroad – chip cards are quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for merchants around the globe.
  • Save on fees
    No transaction fees when making domestic purchases, and no annual or monthly service fees.1
  • Online banking
    Sign up for Personal Internet Banking